Indepedent Minyan : God, and the Gay lifestyle


The Torah (or “Law of Moses”) shows that יהוה (the God of Israel, blessed be He) is slow to chastise any fault, save immorality; He is slow to chastise any immorality, save sexual immorality; He is slow to chastise any sexual immorality, save public sexual immorality; and He is slow to chastise any public sexual immorality, save the openly gay immorality. Why does God hates this kind of behavior? Because it represents the vilest of all evils, as the person who practices the openly gay lifestyle violates all of God’s commandments. In other words, he dishonors his parents (… putting them to shame with his gay conduct); he steals (… by robbing his parents share of grandchildren); he bears false testimony (… saying “I’m not the man my parents made me”); he murders (… the souls of his children who, as a result of his gay lifestyle, will not come into the world); he blasphemes his Creator (… by intimating that God isn’t perfect, as He assigned him the wrong sex); he covets what doesn’t belong to him (… the role of the woman, which was given to her by God, as an exclusive property); he sets up an idol to blindly serve and worship (… the lust of his own body); he violates Shabbat (… with the extraneous fire of his passions). In fact, there’s no sin the homosexual lifestyle doesn’t violate.
That’s why, even when Adonai (the Lord God) was angry with many cities (Nineveh, Tyre, Sidon, Babylon, etc), He allowed them centuries to repent. But as for Sodom and Gomorrah, He sent them 3 angels (disguised as Arabs, according to Hebrew tradition) in order to exterminated them at once (again, as if to imply that He is slow to judge any sin, save open homosexuality). And this also explains why God allows radical Islam to thrive everywhere; as one day He will make the Arab people to be again the executioners of God’s wrath against the Sodomite Nations.


Hebrew Believers are inclusive people; Say No to Islamophobia and Iranophobia






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